About The Movie

 About The Movie
Movie - The Face of the Faceless by Tri Light Creations
Directed By: Shaison P Ouseph
Produced By: Sandra Dsouza Rana
Executive Producer: Ranjan Abraham

The Face of the Faceless
Movie Synopsis

Nature provides for need but not for greed, we are experiencing the same even today in world clueless (raging pandemics - climate disasters - increased hatred - divisive tendencies) about the direction in which it is headed. This is the occasion when we turn around towards leaders and role models who can lead us through the tunnel of darkness. Thus the depiction of the story, of a leader who championed the cause of humanity.

It takes the might of a leader, to be one and support the downtrodden and that too in a land completely unknown. Sister Rani Maria, decided to be with the marginalized community, in Indore (Madhya Pradesh), as a part of her commitment, where she realized her life mission of accomplishing sustainable living amenities, employment, education for the community, that she worked with. The community proudly remembers her as “Indore Ki Rani”. She did this, not being the boss or the instruction lady, but being one and her role model was none other than world renowned Mother Teresa. This tale depicts the trials and tribulations of a women who rose above her boundaries of religion, realized the universal oneness and committed her life for women empowerment much before these words started getting acceptance.

The issues of upper caste feudalism, the debt trap induced by zamindars & eventual suicide of farmers, the bureaucratic blockade of the government bodies, all these still plague the system that which we claim as democracy. Sister Rani Maria realized that the individual spirit rooted in spiritual wisdom can rise above all this and still attempt to deliver good for the human cause of equitable development. The narrative takes its course, through the time of her eventful experiences (1990 to 1994) in Bhopal & Indore, encountering life risking incidents with powerful zamindars, rustic atmosphere, where she single handedly motivated the villagers to stand in unity with her practicing non-violence and achieved victory

The eventual test for leaders rooted with spiritual wisdom & uncompromising allegiance to truth, unwavering faith in the championed cause, comes when they are challenged with sacrificing their lives for the same. They do it with a smile on their face and name of the lord in their last breath. The immortals in history being Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King. The fate that awaited Sister Rani Maria was no different. The family that gave birth to such an immortal soul, behaved in accordance, when deciding to pardon the murderer of this heinous crime, keeping no grudge in mind. This surely speaks of ennobled compassion, sacrifice, and acceptance as ordained by immortal masters who still continue to lead us through examples even in times that look dismal.

The attempt here is to depict the immortal life of this great leader through the life inspiring incidents, the struggle and victories leading to her sacrifice for the cause championed by Sister Rani Maria.

Sister Rani Maria
Sister Rani Maria
Born : 29 January 1954 (Pulluvazhy, Kerala, India)
Died : 25 February 1995 (Nachanbore Hill, Indore, India)
Beatified : 4 November 2017 by Cardinal Angelo Amato