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The Face of the Faceless
Movie Synopsis

"The Face of the Faceless" is based on the true story of Sr. Rani Maria - her life among the most vulnerable and her tragic death in their cause. This tale depicts the trials and tribulations of a woman who rose above the boundaries of her religion, realized the universal oneness, and committed her life to women's empowerment. 'The Face of the Faceless' is the dream project of internationally acclaimed award-winning filmmaker and director, Dr. Shaison Ouseph of Mumbai, India.

The narrative takes its course through her eventful experiences in India, encountering life-risking incidents in a rustic atmosphere, where she motivated the villagers to stand in unity with her practice of non-violence. Rani Maria was murdered in a knife attack, and her assassin was sentenced to prison. Sr. Rani Maria's mother kissed the hands of her daughter's assassin as a sign of forgiveness and accepted him as one of them. Unbelievable, but a TRUE story of forgiveness.

"The Face of the Faceless" realises the extraordinary interplay of mercy, love, sacrifice, and forgiveness as a miraculous force to dispel ignorance and oppression and fill dark minds with light.


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The first set of REVIEWS from the housefull PREVIEWS. "The Face of the Faceless".
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